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Rules - Winner Cup

General rules                                             

Indoor play 4 to 4.                                                       

Each game is 2x12 minutes                                          

1 minutes break after every half with side change.                                 

Every team shall provide a referee according to time plan.                     

Bickering with referee results yellow card.                                

The team who play home begins with the ball.                           

Away team should have vests, unless a team has matching colours and different from all others in the opposite team.                                          

If a team is later that 5 minutes, counts as WO = 5-0. Teams may play with at least three players.         

If two teams draws        

1st step: Extension 2x2 min with silver goal, i.e. play until the time is out. 

2nd step: Penalties 4 players each team one team at the time with different players, home team begins.

3rd step: One penalty at the time per team. Begin with the players that did not shoot penalties.

Yellow/red card rules                                 

Yellow card shared by referees according the football rules and regulations in this document.

Yellow card means that the player cannot play during 2 minutes.                       

Red card means that the player cannot play during 5 minutes.                

2 yellow card to the same player in a game = Red card             

Yellow card dose not follow the player to the next game.


Penalty will be shot from the middle of filed against empty goal.             

Special rules                                              

You may stand in the goal area. But using hands or lying in the goal area = penalty.

You may lie down and play, but not slide tackling.        

Intentionally hand / rough game that prevents a safe goal, resulting red card.      

If the ball falls behind or above the goal, it will be corner or goal kick depending who touched the ball last.                                                                    

If the ball touches the roof, then the ball is out.                          

You may not score from middle of pitch. However, if you score to your own goal longer than half pitch, it counts.                                                          

When the ball is out, there will be indirect shooting against goal.            

There is no offside.                                                      

Top Goal scorer                                         

Scorer counted by the following formula:                                  

Sum = goals + assists counts, but goal weighs more than assists if equal sum.

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